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Spruce Up Your Denim Jackets

Related to my previous post about bringing denim back, there are ways that you can design your old denim jackets and make them look great.

This denim vest has spikes, and pink fringe shoulders. Giving off a military look, no? The vest features a Louis Vuitton cut-out studded to the vest instead of being sewn on. Creativity on this on a scale of 1-5, I give this a 4.

This awesome rugged vest is another one that caught my eye. It has spiky studs and a pirate patch in the front. But in the back the panel of cheetah print is very different! I love this 5!

Balmain Jacket

Now this is a Balmain jacket, no it is not a denim jacket but it is an intresting way to decorate one.  It has silver flat circular studs and safety pins accents with an American Flag patchwork print on the back. This jacket is very creative and original, giving off a very vintage look. On a scale of 1-5 I give this jacket a supersized 5!

Look at that sleeve! Its full of my favorite type of studs: pyramid.  This jacket is flashy and will certainly turn heads as you walk by. Notice that the front of this denim jacket is bleached…alot! When it comes to bleaching denim or any kind of fabric, add a little water to dilute the bleach so overtime the clothes dont become ruined. The more durable the jacket the better! If you look closley the jacket has safety pin accents as well. I have a fetish for edgy looks, and this jacket is definitely giving this model one. I rate this jacket a 5!

All in all, don’t throw out those old denim jackets and shirts you have. If you have a creative eye for style then you most certainly can bring them back to life. Using studs, spikes, bleach, fabric paint, other fabric, and many more things you can find in your local craft store.

By DeAnn Harte

Stylist and Fashion Blogger

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