Help! I Have: Long Legs

Do people always tell you that you have long, great legs? Or OMG I wish I was as tall as you! (like me) Well I have some helpful tips for you gals. Finding clothing for tall people in general isn’t the easiest thing in the world but with some great advice you’ll be just fine.

Leggings are a great bottom for tall people. Pairing them with heels or ballet pumps and a  T-shirt dress give off a modest look.

When it comes to shoes be happy that you are tall because just about any shoe style works great on you. A pair of ballerina pumps (flats) are shoes you just have to have! They give off comfort and make you look shorter. Flats with shorts work best with tall legs. Mid calf boots and shoes with ankle straps tend to reduce the arch making you look shorter as well.

The only store I buy my jeans from is Charlotte Russe. This is the only store I know that caters to women with long legs, any other store I go to, the jeans are always too short, or don’t fit right. With each pair of jeans there are 3 options short, regular, or long. Isn’t that so kind of  them? CR is the best!

Also cigarette trousers are great for long legs. They are high-waisted but narrow and reveal your ankles cutting of the length off your legs.

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