Lady in Red…Lipstick that Is

Red lipstick is a classic and it seems like it won’t go out of style anytime soon! Some women feel that they can’t wear red lipstick because it wont suit them or go with their complexion, or maybe its just not for them. Red lipstick is fun, daring, and very versatile; just about anyone can wear it. That means YOU too!

1.If you have thin lips then don’t go for deep reds the tend to make your lips look smaller.

2. Are you going for a daytime or night time look? During the day a soft, sheer red is just fab, and At night a bold red is great for accentuating your features.

3. A lighter eye make up works best with red lipstick, along with some great mascara.

4. When applying the lipstick don’t use red lip liner, go for a color that is the closest to your natural lip shade and outline your lip.

Even though the paler your skin is the more a red lipstick will work in your favor, don’t worry a lighter shade of powder your use for your face can give you the same effect.

Psst! – To prevent your red lipstick from bleeding try applying a bit of concealer around the border of your mouth.

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