Kanye West to Move to the UK to Focus on Fashion Career?

Rumor has it, rapper, Kanye West is planning on moving to London, England to concentrate on his fashion career. If you didn’t know, Kanye has released a clothing line called DW*. He made his collection debut at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year.

* West named his line DW after his late mother Donda West.

Apparently Kanye held a party in the UK for his line just before he returned back to the states for Christmas. A source tells the UK tabloid, The Sun “He’s close to the lecturers and students at the Central Saint Martins College and being in London means he can stop by for advice any time … He’ll be over here preparing his Paris Fashion Week show, due in March. He’s also been looking for a studio.”

If these rumors turn out to be true, would we be seeing a lot more of Kanye the designer than Kanye the rapper?

By DeAnn Harte

Stylist and Fashion Blogger

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