The Lug Sole

The 90’s are totally making their way back into shoe trends for the spring with lug sole shoes. This thick, chunky sole isn’t just for hiking anymore, its popping up on runways and on the feet of women from sporty to chic.

There are some pros and cons of the lug sole however, some might not like the chunkiness, or the additional weight it brings to the shoe, but on the bright side its slip resistant, provides great traction and stability. Personally, I do love the trend, just not on me. I’m already 5’9″ and don’t want to seem any taller. But for shorter gals out there I say go for it, especially if you are looking to add some height. You’ll be sure to elevate.


I found these on a website called, this is a great site to find looks and items that’s been seen on celebs, shows and social media. It’s very similar to The Hunt. Click the pic for more info. 

By DeAnn Harte

Stylist and Fashion Blogger

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