Princess Diana: Her Fashion Story

After 20 years of her death Princess Diana receives an exhibit dedicated to her style through the years. Kensington Palace, her former home, will be the hub to view Diana’s most notable and iconic garments from her shy, teenage years to becoming an “international star”. Eleri Lynn, creator of the exhibit, collaborated with Diana’s favorite designers and photographers to bring her vision to fruition. Lynn goes on to say “Fashion is a great medium to talk about the princess because it is a language which she herself mastered in order to communicate with others”. Diana’s style will most likely draw the attention of a younger crowd, there’s no question of her being a style influencer.

As the years went on Diana’s style moved through the ranks. Prior to her engagement she wasnt a into fashion at all, but after the proposal it was time for her step it up. As a princess surrounded by paparazzi majority of her lifetime, everything she wore had to make a statement. Lets take a look at her most memorable looks.

The Revenge Dress
Princess Diana photoed in a tight little black dress moments after Prince Charles would finally reveal his adultery during their 15 year marriage on national television. / Serpentine Gallery’s summer party, hosted by Vanity Fair in June 1994.
The Elvis Dress
Princess Diana wears pearl encrusted dress by Catherine Walker. Stand up collar brands the gown as “The Elvis Dress”. Trip to Hong Kong 1989.

By DeAnn Harte

Stylist and Fashion Blogger

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