Bespoke Leather Craftsman Sheron Barber Speaks on Customization, The Future of DR14 and The Legacy He Wants to Leave Behind

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If it was functional, tactical, and incorporated utilitarian elements, you definitely saw it all over your Instagram feed or across the chest of your favorite celebs. One of the hottest trends this summer had to be none other than the chest rig, a trend popularized by ALYX, a streetwear brand of “unconventional basics”. The $542 chest pouch caught the eye of many tastemakers worldwide trickling down to other brands creating their own, but you were not finding any pieces like Sheron Barber’s. The Camden, New Jersey native took his talents to Los Angeles to create quality, custom-made, bespoke, fine leather goods.

I had the opportunity to interview the artisan and take a deep dive into his journey from creating his first pieces to the future of his brand DR14.


1. Would you classify yourself as a designer or an artist?

I believe that every designer is an artist, but if…

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Louis Vuitton Volez, Voguez, Voyagez Exhibit

On my 2018 to do list education on the history fashion is definitely a high priority. It’s one thing to read about it in textbooks, but to experience it in person is another. My trip to the Louis Vuitton exhibit was definitely memorable one.

Only a few steps away from the World Trade Center, at the former American Stock Exchange building, flags hung high signaling the location of the exhibit. After a few twists and turns you are finally greeted with the ever so bright LED simulation of a Louis Vuitton subway. Prime location of all fashionistas eager awaiting their photo op against the white tiled Louis subway stop.

Starting from the basics the exhibit heavily focuses on the evolution of the trunks and how they were used throughout its history.

Tools of the trade were displayed throughout various rooms giving museum go-ers a look at how detailed craftsmanship was important even at its grassroots.

Then on to the rise of yatching and caravanning. This is where we saw the start of clothing come into play as well as the evolution of trunks and bags.

There was even a trunk that could be used as a bed!

Aviation and the introduction of the duffle as well as garments for flights were presented in the next room. This one specific piece was sewn in 1812, I was just amazed at the detail and quality of such a jacket I had to take a closer look.

The next room invited you to explore traveling by train and the writing room. This is where I.T started to get crowed do not too many photos of this here.

Transition out of the art of travel, you’re welcomed to a familiar LV pattern known world wide circa 2003. Not one of my favorite color ways, especially the white, but this was definitely a nostalgic area for just about everyone in the room.

The leather goods collaboration room was definitely one of my favs, especially the Yayoi Kusama pieces. There were also pieces from collaborations with Jeff Koons, Rei Kaeskubo, Vivienne Westwood, Jake and Dinos Chapman.

The final room housed the most modern gowns enclosed in LV x Marc Jacobs print wall to wall. Another hotspot of “for the gram” photos.

All in all it was a great, fulfilling experience. I encourage everyone to go fashionista or not. The exhibit is on view until this weekend, with the last day being January 7th.


Rihanna’s Image Impacts Inclusion in the Industry —

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Say that three times fast. Image via Sephora Let’s face it – just about everything Rihanna touches turns to gold. Her social status is substantial, so there’s no question of her being a huge influence in today’s market and they don’t call her “bad gal’ for nothing! Her “boss” mentality and work ethic allow her…

via Rihanna’s Image Impacts Inclusion in the Industry —

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My Spring/Summer 18 NYFW Weekend

Fashion week is among us and you can feel it allll in the air. Whether you’re living vicariously through Instagram and Snapchat or you’re attending shows at the Skylight and other exclusive venues, there’s no doubt that the feeling this season is electric.

This season I attended the Mac Duggal show. Aside from the waiting forever outside then for the show to start, it was a beautiful show.

Duggal hit all my fav aesthetics in this collection, plunging necklines, blush tones, and war metals. Lots of fringe and beading as well. Models strutted down the runway in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities which I was glad to see.

I also attended the Lexus x Interview Magazine How Fashion Travels Exhibition. This was cool. Upon entering there was this duo who were super adamant about photographing attendees with style. Then there was “the cube” Great photo op, however I didn’t get the full experience due to another girl wanting to share the cube with me. ONE AT A TIME DAMMIT! -_-

Complimentary hair and makeup booths along with nail techs were scattered among the venue to give you the full treatment.

There was also an actual LexusLC model at the exhibit to take a photo with. Photographers gave direction and you struck a pose.

I didn’t get to hit all the spots on my list for the day but it was a great time overall. Hopefully I’ll be back in February with even more recaps for you all.


M.A.C x Aaliyah Collection, It’s Actually Happening

The power of the internet is really something ! Thanks in part to everyone who signed the online petition with, the estate of the late Aaliyah Haughton announces a collaboration with MAC cosmetics. The launch will mostly likely be similar the Selina Quintanilla rollout.

“Aaliyah is truly one in a million — an unstoppable icon whose groundbreaking work in R&B music and film inspires us all,” the brand said in a statement. “Today we join her countless fans in celebrating her with the announcement of the M.A.C. Aaliyah collection. You made it happen!”

You already know this set social media ablaze and thus the #AaliyahforMAC was born. After years in the making it’s finally happening and fans are pumped. The collaboration is said to drop Summer 2018.


Princess Diana: Her Fashion Story

After 20 years of her death Princess Diana receives an exhibit dedicated to her style through the years. Kensington Palace, her former home, will be the hub to view Diana’s most notable and iconic garments from her shy, teenage years to becoming an “international star”. Eleri Lynn, creator of the exhibit, collaborated with Diana’s favorite designers and photographers to bring her vision to fruition. Lynn goes on to say “Fashion is a great medium to talk about the princess because it is a language which she herself mastered in order to communicate with others”. Diana’s style will most likely draw the attention of a younger crowd, there’s no question of her being a style influencer.

As the years went on Diana’s style moved through the ranks. Prior to her engagement she wasnt a into fashion at all, but after the proposal it was time for her step it up. As a princess surrounded by paparazzi majority of her lifetime, everything she wore had to make a statement. Lets take a look at her most memorable looks.

The Revenge Dress
Princess Diana photoed in a tight little black dress moments after Prince Charles would finally reveal his adultery during their 15 year marriage on national television. / Serpentine Gallery’s summer party, hosted by Vanity Fair in June 1994.
The Elvis Dress
Princess Diana wears pearl encrusted dress by Catherine Walker. Stand up collar brands the gown as “The Elvis Dress”. Trip to Hong Kong 1989.

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Spotlight Updated – Herds of the Fathers

Check out my interview with Herds of the Fathers. Head on over to the spotlight portion, hover over and read about Jason Akoi and his brand.

How do you feel about Herds of the Fathers? Is it hot or not? Would you wear it? Let me know, leave some feedback of your thoughts on the interview!

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High-Low Hemlines: In or Out?

High-Low hemlines are popping up everywhere! Tanks, skirts, and dresses are incorporating this style in  many silhouettes .

Tops: High-low tops are easy to pair with a simple pair of jeans, or leggings. Remember the top itself is a statement, so try not to overbear it with loads of jewelry. Contrasting the top with a bright or a dark bottom will be sure to enhance your asymmetrical style.

Skirts: High-low skirts are a great way to show a little leg. This trend works on ALL body types, for instance for petite women, this style can elongate your frame, and for curvy girls, colors and different cuts of the skirt can highlight and flatter you in the right places.

Find these styles and more at or click here.

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The Ombre Effect

Spring is here, and Summer is just around the corner!

Bright colors ranging from pastels to neons seem to be sweeping the nation, not just by color blocking though. But by the Ombré effect that is. What is ombré?  Ombré is a dye technique in which articles of clothing are suspended  or dipped a pool of dye, allowing the color to slowly make its way up into the fabric.  The result is a soft, natural look with hues fading from dark to light… and a great way to add some gorgeous color to your wardrobe.

Here are some great examples:
























Don’t be afraid to mix dark and light colors to your ombré effect! Adding some pretty chic studs or spikes would be the perfect finishing touch.




Kanye West to Move to the UK to Focus on Fashion Career?

Rumor has it, rapper, Kanye West is planning on moving to London, England to concentrate on his fashion career. If you didn’t know, Kanye has released a clothing line called DW*. He made his collection debut at Paris Fashion Week earlier this year.

* West named his line DW after his late mother Donda West.

Apparently Kanye held a party in the UK for his line just before he returned back to the states for Christmas. A source tells the UK tabloid, The Sun “He’s close to the lecturers and students at the Central Saint Martins College and being in London means he can stop by for advice any time … He’ll be over here preparing his Paris Fashion Week show, due in March. He’s also been looking for a studio.”

If these rumors turn out to be true, would we be seeing a lot more of Kanye the designer than Kanye the rapper?