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Coco Pink Princess, MY Newest Fashion Muse

Listen up! If you are not following this little girl you better get with it!

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I’m sure all of us have been down an Instagram rabbit hole or two before, but hey those are the best ways to stumble upon gems, right? Well I recently ended up on the page of the coolest 7-year old on the planet, Coco. I’ll give you a moment to go search and follow her……..yes, I know, I KNOW! Its not everyday you see a child with the wardrobe of YOUR dreams. Commes des Garcons, Fendi, Gucci, Louis Vuitton x Supreme, the list goes on and on.

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Hailing from Harajuku, Japan, this street style star adopted her love of fashion around the age of 3. Her parents are owners of the vintage clothing store Funktique in Tokyo, check it on Instagram @funktiquetokyo, so there is no doubt fashion is in her blood.

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As most parents do on IG, Misato, Coco’s mom, began posting photos of her daughter in these fabulous ensembles. Followers took notice and requested Coco have her own account STAT, thus the birth of @coco_pinkprincess. It may seem bizarre for a child so young to have so much…”clout on the gram” for lack of a better term, but her audience loves it! In just two years her follower count has skyrocketed from about 12k last year to 400k+ followers to date.

via Chronicles of Her

Being featured in top publications such as Vogue and Elle, Coco exudes style that I wish I had. Her innocent and adorable face can draw just about anyone in! Misato shares with us that her daughter’s focus is building her platform for now, but Coco has dreams of becoming a hairdresser, a chef, or a patissier. Her fashion-conscious looks scream rebellion which keeps followers coming back for more. She’s definitely my newest fashion muse.

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4 Fall Bomber Jackets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Even though the autumn chill is settling in, don’t pack away your summer pieces yet. For those of you who want to hold on to the warm weather just a tad longer figure out how you can use those clothes as transitional pieces. Bomber jackets are one of the easiest ways to take your wardrobe from summer to fall. Whether light, heavy or medium-weight, bombers are great for completing a simple or layered outfit. Looking to splurge a little? Check out these finds below!

Long Boxy Jacket – Mother Denim – $375
Appliqued Wool-blend Twill Leather Bomber – Opening Ceremony – $297
Space Varsity Jacket – Coach – $895
Easy Quilted Bomber – Free People – $168

If you loved these, Refinery29 dishes even more of these outerwear gems and where to get them over on their site. Click to read more !

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High-Low Hemlines: In or Out?

High-Low hemlines are popping up everywhere! Tanks, skirts, and dresses are incorporating this style in  many silhouettes .

Tops: High-low tops are easy to pair with a simple pair of jeans, or leggings. Remember the top itself is a statement, so try not to overbear it with loads of jewelry. Contrasting the top with a bright or a dark bottom will be sure to enhance your asymmetrical style.

Skirts: High-low skirts are a great way to show a little leg. This trend works on ALL body types, for instance for petite women, this style can elongate your frame, and for curvy girls, colors and different cuts of the skirt can highlight and flatter you in the right places.

Find these styles and more at or click here.

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New York Fashion Week: New Trends

This year’s fashion week seemed more popular than compared to the years before. There was so much hype and excitement in the air that it caused NYC to get plagued with a bomb threat! But that didn’t stop the shows from going on.

There were a few styles that caught my eye this season.

1. Seafoam! I started to obsess over this color this summer and there was a reason why. This year’s Spring/Summer shows oozed seafoam shades. Whether it was a seafoam accent, print, or used as a contrast it was somehow worked into the garments of many designers such as Rachel Comey, Diane von Furstenberg, Richard Chai and many more.

2. High-waisted shorts another one of my summer obsession brought to the catwalk. Silk, printed, spandex or solid shorts are something that you all will see alot of next summer.

3. Peplum tops- didn’t see this coming. Peplum is a short gathered, flared, or pleated fabric attached to the end of a womans garments: dresses, tops, jackets, etc. A great influence from the 40s.

Those are my top 3 trend watches for Spring/Summer ’12. What do you think? Would you be sporting any of these looks next summer?



New Trend: Hair Feathers

I’m sure by now you’ve all noticed the hair feather extensions. These feathers are a fun way to jazz up your hair. You can curl them, color them, do whatever you want! Very bohemian.

How does it work? Well you can either get them professionally done at a mall kiosk or you could do them yourself with the clip in kinds.

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Spencer Hastings & That Denim Shirt

So for all you Pretty Little Liar fans out there, in the recent episode on Monday August 15th, I know you all saw that fab denim shirt Spencer was wearing! I flipped when I saw it on her!

Seems to me Spencer is going for a western kind of look. What do you guys think?

So here are the deets on how to get her outfit for less:

Shirt: Urban Outfitters – $49.00

Pants: H&M -$9.95

Pairing this outfit with any kind of high boots would pull this outfit together. Adding gold accents would be the perfect finisher to this look.

Psst – For all you crafty readers out there, you can even make this shirt yourself! Find a denim shirt of your choice and just snip the shoulders off and Voila! If you don’t want frayed shoulders surging the raw edges would be the best thing to do.


Wedges and Socks?

This is a cute little trend started last fall. Wedges and socks ? Yes my dear your eyes are correct.

This look can be worn in the summer or autumn time. Wearing strappy wedges are the best with bold colored socks or opaque tights.Are you someone who racks up on summer sandals and not winter shoes, NO PROBLEM! As long as you have at least 3 versatile wedge heels you can wear them with socks or tights on a chilly autumn night or a hot summer day.

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Color Blocking Comeback

If you haven’t noticed, a lot of old styles are becoming new once again. But one style that is catching my eye is color blocking.

What is colorblocking? Well exactly what it sounds like. Dressing solid colors with one another, usually its only 3 colors that are used. Basically this trend is bringing back simply chic. You dont ALWAYS need bold prints, or sparkly fabrics to look fabulous. Simple colors paired together can make an outfit pop.

Lets take a look at the color wheel and compare it to fashion.

If you want to color block in a monochromatic (one color) color scheme, use different values of the hue. It would make you look very harmonious, restful, subtle and quiet (depending on the color you choose).

Colorblocking in an analogous color scheme (3 neighboring colors) makes you look richer and give off more fulfilled effects. Reds are hot and warm, eccentric and advance in space. Blue and its neighbors on the color wheel are cool, reductive, and recede in space.

However I am seeing alot of complementary colors being color blocked. Yellows and purples, orange and blues, reds and greens are fully intensified. These colors would make you seem lively, dynamic,exciting, and active.

So why has this trend from the 60s made its way back into the scene? Colorblocking is used to hide flaws! If you want to accuentate your hips wearing a bright neon colored skirt and a black or neutral top would do the trick.

“Generally a color blocked outfit will work best if you stick to the usual rules for your body shape. If you are pear shaped, opt for darker colors on the bottom half. If you are apple shaped avoid horizontal blocks of color around the stomach area but highlight legs with color blocks created by brightly colored tights. If you are hourglass, a color block around the waist is a great way of highlighting it and drawing attention to you womanly figure.” – Indian Makeup & Beauty Blog

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Spruce Up Your Denim Jackets

Related to my previous post about bringing denim back, there are ways that you can design your old denim jackets and make them look great.

This denim vest has spikes, and pink fringe shoulders. Giving off a military look, no? The vest features a Louis Vuitton cut-out studded to the vest instead of being sewn on. Creativity on this on a scale of 1-5, I give this a 4.

This awesome rugged vest is another one that caught my eye. It has spiky studs and a pirate patch in the front. But in the back the panel of cheetah print is very different! I love this 5!

Balmain Jacket

Now this is a Balmain jacket, no it is not a denim jacket but it is an intresting way to decorate one.  It has silver flat circular studs and safety pins accents with an American Flag patchwork print on the back. This jacket is very creative and original, giving off a very vintage look. On a scale of 1-5 I give this jacket a supersized 5!

Look at that sleeve! Its full of my favorite type of studs: pyramid.  This jacket is flashy and will certainly turn heads as you walk by. Notice that the front of this denim jacket is bleached…alot! When it comes to bleaching denim or any kind of fabric, add a little water to dilute the bleach so overtime the clothes dont become ruined. The more durable the jacket the better! If you look closley the jacket has safety pin accents as well. I have a fetish for edgy looks, and this jacket is definitely giving this model one. I rate this jacket a 5!

All in all, don’t throw out those old denim jackets and shirts you have. If you have a creative eye for style then you most certainly can bring them back to life. Using studs, spikes, bleach, fabric paint, other fabric, and many more things you can find in your local craft store.