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4 Fall Bomber Jackets You Didn’t Know You Needed

Even though the autumn chill is settling in, don’t pack away your summer pieces yet. For those of you who want to hold on to the warm weather just a tad longer figure out how you can use those clothes as transitional pieces. Bomber jackets are one of the easiest ways to take your wardrobe from summer to fall. Whether light, heavy or medium-weight, bombers are great for completing a simple or layered outfit. Looking to splurge a little? Check out these finds below!

Long Boxy Jacket – Mother Denim – $375
Appliqued Wool-blend Twill Leather Bomber – Opening Ceremony – $297
Space Varsity Jacket – Coach – $895
Easy Quilted Bomber – Free People – $168

If you loved these, Refinery29 dishes even more of these outerwear gems and where to get them over on their site. Click to read more !

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4 Stylish Ways to Rock a Beret This Fall

As most of you read from my Buzzfeed article on upcoming fall trends, if not click here, textured hats are definitely making a comeback this season. All September long fashionistas worldwide posted their many fashion week OOTDs, you’ve probably seen that the beret most certainly has crept is way back on the heads of our favorite influencers.

In addition to the classic cozy wool berets, we’re keeping it sleek and chic with leather ones too. For styling tips and where to find the best ones keep on reading.

Via Zoe Report


Pair with a vintage tee and high waist leather pants or a simple bold red lip and hoops for an edgy 90s feel.


Contrast colors and patterns with stylish accessories. The red and the camo balance each other perfectly .

via Pinterest

For the minimalist, less is more obviously. Throw on your beret with a simple overcoat and you’re ready to go.

Recently I stumbled upon an Australian based company called Lack of Color Hats. It’s known for its variety of men’s and women’s hats in array of styles and colors. Their assortment varies from berets, messenger caps, wide brim fedoras and more.

To shop the collection head over to Lack of Color Hats or view them on Instagram @lackofcoloraus


Stylish Ways to Wear a Nightgown? The Slip Dress Trend

Let’s slip into something more comfortable. Shall we?
As I see trends play out through out the year it pretty much gives me enough time to figure if I can get with it or not. But as of late I’ve had a fascination for slip dresses. It’s pretty much a classy, chic way to wear a nightgown. Think I’m ready to give it a try. 

Whether it’s in silk or velvet, floor length or midi, the different styles of slip dresses are sure to give you that sultry silhouette you’re looking for. Here are some looks from my favorite style icon, Rihanna. 

In my search for the perfect dress, I’ve got my eye on this fab piece from . I’ve gotta have it! 


Style: Coco 

Price: $165

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Wardrobe Necessity: The Leather Jacket

As the Winter days were finally coming to an end a couple of weeks ago, I finally decided to start my hunt for the perfect leather jacket. Late, I know. Looking at all the different varieties on the web was cool and all but there’s nothing like physically walking into a store and trying it on. (There are just somethings you cannot buy online without worrying about how it’ll fit.)

Now when I say I went on a hunt, I went on a hunt. I tried three different malls and finally found the perfect one as I was just about to give up. Wandering into American Eagle with the look of defeat, I rummaged through the racks to find not one leather jacket. The store manager could tell I was on a serious mission and asked if I needed help. I told him what I needed and went to the back. I prayed that this jacket wasn’t two things: hideous and/or super expensive.  He came back and said this was the last one and it was on clearance! *cue the choir of angels*  It was perfect! 

So I scored this baby for just $35, originally priced at $99.95 .


Having a chic leather jacket is a staple that everyone must have in their closet. Most important factor of having one is to give your wardrobe some versatility. Here are some ways you can take your jacket from day to night..


Left Outfit:
Dress – Charlotte Russe
Accessories- Forever 21

Right Outfit:
Shirt – my mom’s old threads
Pants – Forever 21
Bracelets – Alex and Ani

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Coachella Is Among Us

Spring is finally here, and when the weather gets warmer, hems get a little shorter. It also reigns in festival season ! For those of you lucky folks who are heading out to Cali within the next few days for the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Annual Festival, keep reading for some boho looks you’re bound to see.

Fabric: Denim, Fringe, Crochet – as long as your are in any of these three you’ll blend right in

Forever 21 , Neiman Marcus Last Call, Missguided


Accessories: Flower Crowns, Braid-Ins, Sunnies

Forever 21, Free People, Forever 21

Fab Find: I recently went into Icing and found pretty much the most Coachella worthy flower sunnies ever. Click me!  

Shoes: Gladiator Sandals, Fringed Boots, Anything Birkenstock inspired

Lulu’s , Forever 21, Go Jane

So by now you’ve pretty much got the idea of how to not stick out like a sore thumb at Coachella or at all during festival season. 

Hope this helps ! 

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DIY | No Sew Cardigan

Spring is coming to an end and Summer will be here in a few short weeks. Looking for quick and easy ways to spruce up your wardrobe? Check out this quick and easy DIY cardigan, best part about it… No sewing required!

Step 1: Find fabric, preferably a knit for stretch. Width wise any thing 60″+ works well. For the length, if you are looking for a short, just above the knee cardi, go for 26″ or if you’d prefer something long and dramatic maybe 41″ works best. Also you’ll need a pair of scissors and a measuring tape.


Step 2: After making sure your fabric is 60″ across, fold it in half. Measure 6 inches in from the fold and make a mark, and measure 5.5″ or 6″ down from the top of the fabric, and make another mark. This is for where you are going to cut out your arm holes.



Step 3: At this time your marks should overlap or have a common center point. Find that center and cut a slit 8 inches long, then give it a nice tug and that’s it!

cardi 3 cardi 2 cardi 1
Be sure to pull on the raw edges of your fabric. This way the ends curl for a nice finish.

Style tip: Pair with a belt just around the waist for a nice gathered look.

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The Ombre Effect

Spring is here, and Summer is just around the corner!

Bright colors ranging from pastels to neons seem to be sweeping the nation, not just by color blocking though. But by the Ombré effect that is. What is ombré?  Ombré is a dye technique in which articles of clothing are suspended  or dipped a pool of dye, allowing the color to slowly make its way up into the fabric.  The result is a soft, natural look with hues fading from dark to light… and a great way to add some gorgeous color to your wardrobe.

Here are some great examples:
























Don’t be afraid to mix dark and light colors to your ombré effect! Adding some pretty chic studs or spikes would be the perfect finishing touch.




Help! I Have: Fat Legs

Do you feel like your legs are slightly fat? Or do you just not like the thickness of them at all? Don’t fear there are ways you can hide them.

1. Shoes-  Avoid  thin heel styles, and shoes that tie around your ankles because they will contrast greatly with your legs. Make sure your shoes have support and offer good balance. Long boots are great for covering up ankles and calves.

2. Wearing long flowy skirts and pants can hide your shortcomings. Printed flowy skirts with a nice top or tank can give you a cool bohemian look.

3. If your calves and ankles are the main parts of your legs that you’re worried about, avoid wearing capri pants and 3/4 skirts because where they stop accentuates the flaw you want to hide.

4. Flared, wide leg, or plazzo pants are great for people who feel they have fat legs as well as people with short legs. If you want to look taller paring them with heels is best.

Pssst! – Wearing pantyhose and shoes the same color make your legs look slimmer.


Lady in Red…Lipstick that Is

Red lipstick is a classic and it seems like it won’t go out of style anytime soon! Some women feel that they can’t wear red lipstick because it wont suit them or go with their complexion, or maybe its just not for them. Red lipstick is fun, daring, and very versatile; just about anyone can wear it. That means YOU too!

1.If you have thin lips then don’t go for deep reds the tend to make your lips look smaller.

2. Are you going for a daytime or night time look? During the day a soft, sheer red is just fab, and At night a bold red is great for accentuating your features.

3. A lighter eye make up works best with red lipstick, along with some great mascara.

4. When applying the lipstick don’t use red lip liner, go for a color that is the closest to your natural lip shade and outline your lip.

Even though the paler your skin is the more a red lipstick will work in your favor, don’t worry a lighter shade of powder your use for your face can give you the same effect.

Psst! – To prevent your red lipstick from bleeding try applying a bit of concealer around the border of your mouth.


Help! I Have: A Short Torso

Do you hate the fact that you have a short torso? Don’t be discouraged, EMBRACE IT! There are many ways you can the top half of your body look longer creating the illusion of a longer torso.

1. Try to avoid showing your waistline by wearing tops outside of your bottoms.

2. Wearing any type of low-rise pants: regular low-rise, ultra rise, or super ultra low-rise. It gives off the look that your torso ends where your pants begin, elongating it.

3. Wearing a monochromatic color scheme, not differentiating the color between your top and bottom half, make people look at your clothing as a whole and not different pieces.

4. Wearing long scarves tied low, or long necklaces help make your torso look longer.

Hope that helped!