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Is Amazon The Next Big Bad Wolf In Fashion?

Find. A name you’ll be seeing all over…maybe? Amazon launches their first in house fashion brand, with a whopping 500 womenswear pieces and 200 styles for men. Cosmo calls it a mash up between “Finery and Topshop only with some seriously affordable prices.”

I headed on over to Amazon to view the collection and to my surprise it wasn’t what I thought it would be. Lots of basics in neutral tones, pleats, and velvet textures. I did stumble upon some gems as I thought to myself I’d definitely buy that, but the more I scrolled the less enthused I was. However Telegraph states,

“What might surprise the fashion industry is that Amazon’s collection isn’t a bargain-basement attempt to undercut rivals on the price of basic T-shirts. Instead it is challenging rivals with more fashion-forward items: patent boots cost £56 ($72), high-waisted skinny jeans are priced at £26 ($34), while a checked blazer is £40 ($52).

It’s their first go-around so I see why they played it safe. I can definitely say that 99% of the collection is great for layering. More for the minimalist in you.

Find. has launched exclusively in the UK. While this is the first in house fashion brand for Amazon, the company has also quietly released 8 private label brands ranging in categories from food, fashion, beauty, and home.

Talk about one stop shop! Amazon is stopping at nothing to gain that consumer loyalty. To check out Find. click here, you’ll never know you might find something you love.

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The Amazon Effect

If you haven’t noticed lately, retailers are closing left and right. Over the years it seems more and more people would rather shop online than in brick and mortar stores. Declines in foot traffic and heavy discount sales are causing department stores to plummet. Whose to blame? The 250 billion dollar online retail giant, Amazon.

Macy’s recently named 68 locations that will close and estimated to cut about 10,000 employees. Sears, struggling with financial performance for a number of years, settled to sell the Craftsman brand to Black & Decker for $900 million. 

The well known fast fashion brand H&M is also closing stores. Last year sales were up however profits were down dropping 11%, due to mass markdowns. It was reported that the company expanded by 400+ stores, however, this year scaling back on store growth and focusing more on web sales is the route H&M will take. 

The online competition is getting bigger and bigger every year and physical stores are feeling the pressure. However not all store closings portray signs of trouble but “sacrifices necessary to achieve greater profitability.”