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American Eagle Now Selling Denim Hijab

Yes you read that right. Stepping out of the box from their traditional “all-American” ads to embracing diversity, American Eagle is the latest fashion to debut hijabs in their product assortment. 

In AE’s most recent multicultural campaign we see 19 year old, Halima Aden wearing the typical retailer’s clothing but adorned with a denim hijab. This isn’t a look you see in everyday mainstream retailers, this is a big deal. Aden shared a video via Instagram thanking the brand with the caption reading,

“Thank you @americaneagle for encouraging young America to follow their passions, express their individuality, and pursue their unique paths.”

The new addition has sent social media ablaze with positive response. Along with Nike who launched an athletic hijab featuring the company’s logo, both retailers are making strides toward inclusivity. We hope other companies are taking note. 

Going for $19.95 you can purchase the denim hijab on America Eagle’s site, online only

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Wardrobe Necessity: The Leather Jacket

As the Winter days were finally coming to an end a couple of weeks ago, I finally decided to start my hunt for the perfect leather jacket. Late, I know. Looking at all the different varieties on the web was cool and all but there’s nothing like physically walking into a store and trying it on. (There are just somethings you cannot buy online without worrying about how it’ll fit.)

Now when I say I went on a hunt, I went on a hunt. I tried three different malls and finally found the perfect one as I was just about to give up. Wandering into American Eagle with the look of defeat, I rummaged through the racks to find not one leather jacket. The store manager could tell I was on a serious mission and asked if I needed help. I told him what I needed and went to the back. I prayed that this jacket wasn’t two things: hideous and/or super expensive.  He came back and said this was the last one and it was on clearance! *cue the choir of angels*  It was perfect! 

So I scored this baby for just $35, originally priced at $99.95 .


Having a chic leather jacket is a staple that everyone must have in their closet. Most important factor of having one is to give your wardrobe some versatility. Here are some ways you can take your jacket from day to night..


Left Outfit:
Dress – Charlotte Russe
Accessories- Forever 21

Right Outfit:
Shirt – my mom’s old threads
Pants – Forever 21
Bracelets – Alex and Ani