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The Amazon Effect

If you haven’t noticed lately, retailers are closing left and right. Over the years it seems more and more people would rather shop online than in brick and mortar stores. Declines in foot traffic and heavy discount sales are causing department stores to plummet. Whose to blame? The 250 billion dollar online retail giant, Amazon.

Macy’s recently named 68 locations that will close and estimated to cut about 10,000 employees. Sears, struggling with financial performance for a number of years, settled to sell the Craftsman brand to Black & Decker for $900 million. 

The well known fast fashion brand H&M is also closing stores. Last year sales were up however profits were down dropping 11%, due to mass markdowns. It was reported that the company expanded by 400+ stores, however, this year scaling back on store growth and focusing more on web sales is the route H&M will take. 

The online competition is getting bigger and bigger every year and physical stores are feeling the pressure. However not all store closings portray signs of trouble but “sacrifices necessary to achieve greater profitability.”


Spencer Hastings & That Denim Shirt

So for all you Pretty Little Liar fans out there, in the recent episode on Monday August 15th, I know you all saw that fab denim shirt Spencer was wearing! I flipped when I saw it on her!

Seems to me Spencer is going for a western kind of look. What do you guys think?

So here are the deets on how to get her outfit for less:

Shirt: Urban Outfitters – $49.00

Pants: H&M -$9.95

Pairing this outfit with any kind of high boots would pull this outfit together. Adding gold accents would be the perfect finisher to this look.

Psst – For all you crafty readers out there, you can even make this shirt yourself! Find a denim shirt of your choice and just snip the shoulders off and Voila! If you don’t want frayed shoulders surging the raw edges would be the best thing to do.