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Is IKEA Moving Into the Apparel Indusrty? 

Many of you may have seen your Instagram times line peppered with IKEA inspired designs all week. Those of you in the loop know what started this, for those of you who don’t…keep reading. 

Balenciaga recently debuted a blue oversized tote, wildly resembling the IKEA Frakta bag, selling for a whopping $2145. This sent the internet ablaze, as well as tickling folks over at the IKEA headquarters. Johan Holmgren, creative director at Acne, Ikea’s agency partner, tells AdFreak about the moments once news broke.

“I wanted to act fast, so I called Morten Kjaer from Ikea Creative Hub. He loved the idea,” Holmgren says. “The day after the Balenciaga bag was launched, I said, ‘We’ll have the creative work ready within two hours.’ We then went to one of our fashion photographers, Anders Kylberg, and shot the bag in his studio, with that same feeling and lighting as the Balenciaga bag. That same day, we sent the finished work to all markets.”

Balenciaga has yet to confirm anything. 

In addition to the tote popping up on my feed numerous times, I also came across a number of IKEA inspired designs. I mean some work and others just…don’t. But I’m sure we’ll be seeing lots of this yellow and blue fad alll summer.

All in all IKEA will not be making the shift into apparel, however with the power of social media and crafty DIY-ers you’ll be able to purchase some of these nifty items by searching the hashtag #ikeahack.