Help! I Have: Fat Legs

Do you feel like your legs are slightly fat? Or do you just not like the thickness of them at all? Don’t fear there are ways you can hide them.

1. Shoes-  Avoid  thin heel styles, and shoes that tie around your ankles because they will contrast greatly with your legs. Make sure your shoes have support and offer good balance. Long boots are great for covering up ankles and calves.

2. Wearing long flowy skirts and pants can hide your shortcomings. Printed flowy skirts with a nice top or tank can give you a cool bohemian look.

3. If your calves and ankles are the main parts of your legs that you’re worried about, avoid wearing capri pants and 3/4 skirts because where they stop accentuates the flaw you want to hide.

4. Flared, wide leg, or plazzo pants are great for people who feel they have fat legs as well as people with short legs. If you want to look taller paring them with heels is best.

Pssst! – Wearing pantyhose and shoes the same color make your legs look slimmer.


Help! I Have: Short Legs

For those women out there who are between 5’0″ to 5’7″ and wish they were taller, I have a few tips for you. #1. Embrace your shortness!! There are women out there who wish they were shorter (like me). But  choosing the right clothes that are the perfect can give off the impression that your legs are longer than they seem.

#2. Wearing high-waisted pants that flare, or are wide legged, work best for shorter people because they hide where your waist begins and you bottom ends making your legs look much longer.

#3. Wearing mini skirts work best on short legs as well. Wearing mid-thigh skirts hide a portion of your legs making you look taller. The shorter your skirt the better!

Psst!- If you tuck your tops inside your bottoms it enhances the lengthening of your body.