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Making Dollars Out of Scents: Target Launches Fragrance Line, Good Chemistry

Looking to make waves in a saturated, high-end dominated fragrance industry, Target launches new fragrance brand, called Good Chemistry. Projected to yield at least $5 million, the line is made up of four collections: Confident + Charming, Cool + Grounded, Vibrant + Playful, and Cool + Collected – all inspired by different moods, personalities, and vibes. Each formula is also created with essential oils in part of Target’s partnership with Illume.

Each collection offers a variety of options catering to your preferred method of application; rollerballs, body sprays or scented bottle perfumes. Priced between $9.99 to $24.99, being vegan, non-toxic and paraben-free, Target has pretty much got all sectors covered when it comes to being socially responsible.

“The goal of the new line is to expand on Target’s philosophy that its beauty department should focus one allowing customers to discover products that work specifically for them. That why we are reinvigorating our fragrance collection by introducing Good Chemistry, and exclusive brand that is all about inspiring our guests to find unique scents that they love.”

-Christina Hennington, SVP of Beauty & Essentials

“Sounds good, but whats it look like?!” Take a peek of what Good Chemistry has to offer before you buy.

Cool + Collected : Cool Glacier,  Mineral Desert, Rustic Woods, Silver Coast
Vibrant + Playful: Brainiac, Daydreamer, Queen Bee, Wild Child
Good + Grounded: Sugar Berry, Water Lily, Blue Bell, Apricot Bloom
Confident + Charming: Gardenia Palm, Vanilla Orchid, Jasmine Rose, Magnolia Violet
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Lilly Pulitzer X Target Fiasco

So as most of you have figured out by today and others months ago, Lilly Pulitzer has collabed with Target. For those of you who don’t know about the brand just think of preppy, vibrant, classy resort wear. Just a little history lesson for you, Lilly lived in Palm Springs and opened an orange juice stand In her 20s. Cutting, peeling and juicing oranges can be messy, so she started to design printed shift dresses to hide the juice stains (legend has it) and thus the brand was born. (Neat huh?) 

For some the brand collaborating with Target is a hit, for not so much. The naysayers are completely against it saying that Lilly is turning over in her grave. Hateful tweets have swarmed the Twitter world and it is NOT pretty. From reading all the tweets you can come to the conclusion that her customers (pre collab), are worried it will “cheapen” the brand, and lower price points mean that “basics” have access to the line now. Me personally, I do not own a single garment from Lilly Pulitzer because it’s just not in my price point. People in my target market or demographical region aren’t very familiar with the brand at all. I’m excited to see the line come to Target! Over 200 pieces from apparel to home decor, will range from $2 to $150. Plus with the weather breaking, it’s here just in time to spruce up your closet and your home for the Spring and Summer months to come.

I love when popular, well known, brand names extend their lines, it’s always a success. Alexander Wang with H&M, Prabal Gurung with MAC, and even Barbie with Forever 21. Come on now, you know you had to do a double take when you saw the Barbie tank top that said “I woke up like this” with her two friends next to her looking fierce. Ha! But my point is that brand extensions aren’t always a bad thing, some designers just want to dabble in a different target market sometimes to see how well it’ll do. Yes it’s very risky because if it all goes left it can ruin or dilute the image of the company. However majority of the time it’s a hit, resulting in and the website crashing, then everything is sold out.  So what does that tell you?

  I’m all for Lilly Pulitzer x Target and you should be too. Visit for more deets on the tweets.